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United Mechanical Consultants
conceives and designs the
cardiopulmonary systems of
the living building. Each building
is a unique living organism,
and as we would want for
ourselves, robust airways
and healthy arteries are
necessary for a long healthy
life of each building.

We focus on building lifestyle
and suggest alternatives that
will allow for reduced operating
costs through creative application
of proven technology to
support each unique building.

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HVAC System Design
We specialize in designing systems that provide for efficient portability of heat throughout the building while seeking commonality among building systems.

Given that buildings are one of the most significant contributors to global warming and their HVAC systems are typically the most significant portion of that contribution, we focus on optimizing efficiency through interrelatedness.

Considering that HVAC systems are essential to healthy and productive occupancy, we focus on creating healthy airways and arteries to support occupied zones. Creative application of source equipment combined with healthy pathways to move heat through the building are essential to a healthy life of the building. Our thoughtful approach is the creative difference.

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Plumbing Systems Design
As with design of HVAC systems, healthy arteries are key to a healthy building as life-nourishing water is distributed throughout.

Efficient portability of heat is required to support hygiene and nutritional needs. When unwanted organisms enter the systems, means for sanitizing should be designed for convenient operation.

And, as with every living organism, waste must be extracted and even the most basic systems can be creatively designed to shorten construction schedules, reduce vertical height and extend the healthy life of the building.

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Medical Gas Systems Design
We design medical life support and sustaining systems where needed to serve patients in various building types. Service, access and robustness are critical to effective long-term delivery of gases and vacuum to patient areas.

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Special Water Systems Design
Whether needed for dialysis, research, laboratories or other process or potable requirements, we design systems to assure hygiene of supplies being delivered.

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Acquisition Analysis
For our acquisitive clients, we offer acquisition survey and analysis to assist with value assessment and identification of latent deficiencies. Mechanical systems can become a significant source of anguish for new owners unless the systems are properly understood prior to acquisition. Setting appropriate expectations prior to acquisition are important to a successful deal and long-term investment.

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Computer Modeling and Analysis
We can model building energy and operating costs in order to demonstrate LEED compliance or to analyze incremental investment returns in mechanical systems.

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